SMC is responsible for creating an agreement between DEP Distribution Exclusive (Distributed by Universal Music Canada) and the famous EGREM Records of Havana Cuba. EGREM records is the home to all of the artists of the Buena Vista Social Club as well as almost all famous recording artists from the island of Cuba. EGREM recording artists are the most popular and of the highest quality to come from Cuba and represent all genres being recorded since the early sixties. This agreement sees 5,000 of EGREM’s top tracks being licensed to DEP/Universal making it possibly the largest, greatest and most comprehensive collection of Cuban music amassed outside of Cuba.

SMC has been charged with the management and promotion of these tracks to ensure they reach full commercial value not only in North America but in select territories in the rest of the world. This includes creating compilations for sale, finding product synergies for cross promotion, digital downloading and marketing, sync rights for advertising, TV, radio and feature length movies.

With the help of the team SMC team in Havana (Alberto Salazar Rodriguez and Daymara Portuondo Zayas), SMC keeps up with the tropical pulse of the music in Cuba to ensure that the most popular artist and tracks get used at the right time and follow artist touring schedules to make sure the product is in the right market at the right time.

Alberto Salazar also actively scouts for the best up and coming artist and releases from Cuba and this enables SMC to help negotiate licences for territories all over the world with these artists either for full albums or on a per track basis. SMC is also able to help arrange for concerts of these artists in your area.

Daymara Portuondo heads up the active sound reinforcement division of SMC in Havana ( and regionally throughout Cuba). With a powerful active public address and sound reinforcement system as well as lighting and DJ gear, SMC can help ensure that your event is a great success. From small public speaking to large poolside parties with up to 400 people SMC can provide on site systems all over the island of Cuba.

SMC is also very active in the latino community within Canada and can arrange many different formats and genres of latin music artists to perform at your events. While too many to mention SMC works with international artists such as Telmary Diaz, Alberto Alberto and all female salsa and latin band Ache.  TLN (Telelatino) looks to SMC yearly to provide many of the acts that grace the stage for their large events Salsa on St. Clair and Salsa on Blue Mountain.