Spencer Media Consulting and SMC Entertainment is a multifaceted company dedicated to helping connect the dots for people in need of media and entertainment services.

Whether you need a complete marketing plan developed or implemented or perhaps a small buy on TV, radio or internet, SMC can help you make informed decisions on how to be best spend your budget in a marketplace that has many different options.  With more than 25 years experience in sales and marketing SMC can develop your plans or operate sales and marketing functions on a daily basis.

Widely known for a hard work ethic, a no nonsense approach and a high level of integrity you will assured that your projects will be in good hands.

SMC prefers to work in a team based, collaborative approach that will give you enough information to feel comfortable that you are in control without having to micro-manage details on a day to day basis.

If you feel that you could use a boost, advice or a general overhaul of your sales, marketing or promotional structures, please contact us and we can work forward together.  We will help you decide on what you need and how this can best be approached.